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just a little something...

...i was working on the other day.

here we are, then:

Lie to me. Tell me everything will work out.
Lie to me. Tell me everything is okay.
Tell me, did you mean it this way?
Oh sometimes, sometimes words mean so little.
Just like your fake fashion and predictions.
It all means so little in the end.

Smile with me. Scream and say everything is fine.
Smile with me. Scream and say you never stopped loving this.
Scream and say, “well, do you like it this way?”
Oh sometimes, sometimes looks from across the hall mean so much.
Just like your half written songs and unfinished novels.
It can mean so much in the end.

Dance with me. Move you hips and say you prefer us in motion.
Dance with me. Stop talking and make us one again.
Dance with me, and hasn’t it been such a long time?
Oh sometimes, sometimes actions speak louder than anything else.
Just like the way you turn yourself away from me.
It speaks louder than everything else.
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